Indoor Works

Wall Canvas' for the Detour bar in Kensington Market
By Zachary Scott Cheetham

Full interior design for Room1Six Salon by Oriah Scott

Interior of De Mello Palhetta Coffee Roasters By Oriah Scott

Marving the Martian for private client - by Z.S.Cheetham

Detail for Rising rock

By Z.S. Cheetham

Two indoor Canvases for a private client, Done by Z.S.Cheetham and Francis Pratt

Toronto to the Taj - Painted for Spicy Grill in Kensington Market
By: Francis Pratt and Zachary Scott Cheetham

Condo Pillar for private client - By Z.S.Cheetham

Nathans bedroom by Z.s.Cheetham

painted By Z.S Cheetham