Outdoor Productions

By Oriah Scott

By Oriah Scott

Customized Garden Murals for anyones outdoor space!
By Z.S.Cheetham

The ptiestess - For Burger priest at spadina st and queen st, Toronto, Ontario. Painted by Zachary Scott Cheetham

For the Fairies Pyjamas (http://thefairiespyjamas.com/) Produced by Z.S. Cheetham and Francis Pratt

the Green Room entrance off of Bloor street. Francis Pratt, Aaron Li-Hill and Mack Ross.

Continuation of the Green Room Mural. Blaknessmonster, Francis Pratt, and Z.S. Cheetham

Mural by Francis Pratt, Blaknessmonster and Z.S. Cheetham

Xam Yu Seafood restaurant. Francis Pratt and Mack Ross

Entrance mural for Pour Boy pub (http://pourboy.ca/). Francis Pratt and Mack Ross. Photos of back patios and interior signage coming soon!

Mural and signage for the Arts Market (http://artsmarket.ca/) by Z.S.Cheetham

Various graffiti pieces done for private clients and festivals around the world

Permanent installation for the city of Kingston business development. Francis Pratt and Z.S. Cheetham

'The shoe Cobbler' 35x8 foot double garage, by Z.S. Cheetham

by Z.S Cheetham

Camper Van for private client - by Z.S.Cheetham

Trashing/ Graffing the dress by Z.s.Cheetham


A selection of outdoor Murals Done for private residences and Businesses.